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If you’ve kept up on our blogs, you know that I (the T in R & T) am a desert rat. I am happy in the desert. My lovely wife is not. She grew up in California, not the Mojave Desert part but the humid, moist part, where there is water everywhere. She craves humidity. She longs for it. For our spring break trip, she wanted to go to the coast, to the ocean, to the water, to the humidity.

 Unfortunately, since we can only travel 5 hours a day and we only had 9 days we didn’t quite make it. But, we did at least make it to some water. Our second stop on our spring break trip was Camp Davis Park in Bullhead City, Arizona (across the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada).

Rio Grande Albuquerque (KUNM/Laura Paskus)

The park  sits RIGHT on the river, in the high desert. Even though I am a desert rat, I know a little about rivers. The Rio Grande runs right through Albuquerque and translates The Grand River. Growing up I always thought it was a Grand River (it is NOT in Albuquerque – see photo). In my early teens, my nephew (who was 5 or 6) and I saw a TV special about people floating down the Salt River in Phoenix. It looked like so much fun to us! And we had our own Grand River that we could float down.

Image: Rio Grande Albuquerque, KUNM/Laura Paskus

We begged our parents to let us try floating down the Rio Grande in July in Albuquerque. After many days of them telling us we couldn’t do it/it wouldn’t be fun/it was a bad idea, they finally gave in. (I am nothing if not stubborn and persistent.) We were so excited. We loaded up our tubes, our cooler, water and snacks and were dropped off. We plopped into our tubes and were ready to float down the river! Instead, our buts sank in the water and sank into the mud. Our float down the Rio Grande was nothing like what we saw when the people were floating down the Salt River. We ended up carrying our three tubes and cooler most of a mile, foot-deep in mud, to the pick-up point.

It took us so long to arrive, our parents thought maybe we had drowned, and they were getting ready to call the search and rescue team. Sunburnt, dehydrated and miserable, it was one of the many, many, many times in our young lives that we wished we had listened to our parents… but, we look back with fondness at it now.

Camp Davis Park

We LOVE Camp Davis. It sits on the Arizona side of the Colorado River in Bullhead. Directly across the river is Laughlin, Nevada. You can see the casino lights reflect on the river after dark. The river at Camp Davis Park is not like the Rio Grande. It is a real river. It is just below the Davis Dam and has water aplenty. We could easily float down it in a tube! Everywhere you look, in both Bullhead and Laughlin, there are jet skis available for rent. (Renting jet ski is still on my bucket list.) There are jet skis for rent at Camp Davis Park during the tourist season and an access ramp in the park. We were there in March & the stand wasn’t open weekdays, but when we were leaving on Saturday it appeared to be open.

Here is why we LOVE Camp Davis:

  • The full hook-up sites are within easy walking distance to the river, as is the entire park.
  • This is a county park, so it is very affordable.
  • Nice, clean restrooms with flush toilets & hot water for showering
  • Showers are individual stalls with full doors that close and lock
  • It has a beautiful view of the water and the casinos
  • Casino nightlife is about a 10-minute drive over the bridge
  • In the cold seasons you get 70-degree weather
Camp Davis Park ~Bullhead AZ/Laughlin NV
Camp Davis View of Casinos

Must-haves for the RV or car

Solid, compact trash-bin!

Camp Davis Park has primitive and tent camping available along the beach, with no hook-ups, but a great water view and you can fish from your camp site. There is an area with green grass (a rarity in the desert) for the tents. Most sites are pull-through. The sites aren’t as spread out most state parks, but they also aren’t crammed in like sardines, like city RV parks tend to be. There are little houses for rent. The sites are not paved but they are nice and flat and even. This campground is right next to the freeway so there was traffic noise, but it was offset by the lovely setting and being near the river, so it didn’t bother us.

Homolovi Ruins

Camp Davis Park has a day-use fee, if you are not camping, and there is a fee to use the boat ramp. The day use area has lovely swim beaches with plenty of nice rocks for skipping and shells for collecting. (The teen collects shells ~ I skip rocks ~ R colors and sunbathes.) Even in March the water was warm enough to get in. The day use area also has covered picnic tables covered and charcoal grills. There were a lot of families there for picnics grilling yummy smelling food. There are palm trees everywhere and it is just a lovely, place: Water for my water craving wife, and desert for my little desert-rat self. This place was definitely worth the drive!!! We always with we could stay longer.

After-thought about summer in AZ: It’s hot.

Must-haves for the RV

R’s Coloring Kit!

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