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Homolovi State Park, Arizona (READ ABOUT IT HERE!)

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Palm Springs (In this Blog)

Lake Havasu Landing Resort and Casino, Needles, California/Lake Havasu City, Arizona. (READ ABOUT IT HERE!)

On day 3 of our stay in California we ventured into Palm Springs which is just a short drive down “The 10” from our campground at Salton Sea SRA.  However, we took the scenic route through some beautiful little towns, the reason being: We were on a mission to find Rubio’s (Home of the Original Fish Taco).  We both love Rubio’s AND driving around the communities in the towns we visit.  The towns we drove through were lovely.  While R drove, I looked up the average house prices and now we know why the neighborhoods were so beautiful.

After our stop at Rubio’s (fish tacos – YUM!) we made it to Palm Springs.  The teen wanted to see Sonny Bono (“The 10” is also known as Sony Bono Memorial Highway) and their wish was granted when the FIRST thing we ran into was a bronze statue of Sonny.  We walked up and down the “strip” and saw a lot of cool things.  I didn’t know that Palm Springs was some sort of LGBTQ and GOLDEN GIRLS mecca.  Funny enough, I wore my favorite purple Golden Girls pride shirt that day – and I got a lot of compliments.  There was Golden Girls stuff everywhere!!!  It was GG wonderland. And there was plenty of Dolly Parton stuff for me. It was our little queer family’s dream shopping adventure.

Sonny Bono Statue - Palm Springs

We stopped at a gallery/shop called The Trevor Wayne Pop Art Store & Gallery and got some cool art.  I got Ursu-Pig (Pigtopuss). (Miss Piggy and Ursula are two of my favorite characters ever!)  R got a really cool Super Friends Golden Girls (Golden Heroes) piece.  All the shops had unique, beautiful art and it was a lovely day of shopping. (Images below ©Trevor Wayne – All rights reserved)

Golden Heroes - by Trevor Wayne
Pigtopuss - by Trevor Wayne

While in Palm Springs you MUST eat a date shake. Date palm tree farms are EVERYWHERE, and I googled each orchard as we drove past.  Being a true tourist, I had one at Great Shakes and it was soooooo delicious.  R and the teen are not fans of the great DATE, so they passed.  After we walked around for most of the day and got good tans, we ate linner (late lunch/early dinner) at Happy Sushi which was also soooooo yummy.

Palm Springs Wind Turbine Farm

While we were in Palm Springs there were a TON of people. R says that the amount of people was nothing compared to when she went as a child during spring break but, for the past year of pandemic 2020, we haven’t been around any large gatherings of people, so it felt like a lot of people. Anyway, if you plan to go to Palm Springs be prepared for people-ing.  We greatly enjoyed walking around all the shops and doing all the touristy stuff. I even enjoyed it and shopping is not my favorite thing to do.

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